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Clinical Negligence

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Most of us put our health in the hands of medical professionals at various points during our lives, and while the majority of care we receive is of the highest quality, there is always a risk that something could go wrong.

If this happens due to poor treatment or human error, it is imperative you are able to make a clinical negligence claim to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused. The team of specialist clinical negligence solicitors at SMB is greatly experienced in helping people to successfully make a claim, providing professional, considered guidance throughout the process.

Our specialist Solicitors are experts in the field of Clinical or Medical Negligence and have full control and understanding of t he legal process and t he interaction with medical advisors necessary to ensure you receive the right treatment and care and the highest level of compensation. If we take on your case, you will be given an experienced case handler, to whom you will have direct access when you need it.

We operate all Clinical Negligence cases on a NO WIN NO FEE basis so that, if your case is not successful, there will be no costs to pay.

About Clinical Negligence

Clinical or Medical Negligence is an act or omission by a healthcare provider where the treatment, service or medication provided falls
below the accepted standard, causing either injury or death, with most cases being caused by medical error.

When seeking either medical advice or treatment, people p lace a huge amount of trust into the hands of clinical experts, often forgetting that medical professionals can make mistakes.

Medical Negligence can lead to a range of issues, from mild injuries to life changing consequences. Negligence can sometimes take time to
become apparent, as some injuries can take longer to manifest. Admitting that you have been a victim of medical negligence and coming to terms with it can also take time, but we can help you deal with the issues you face in raising a complaint.

If you are unsure if you can make a claim or not, call us on 0203-5000-899 and we will provide you with a free case assessment. For more information on the types of Clinical Negligence we cover, See list below